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For Photographers

Our mentorships

Are you looking to learn and expand your knowledge ?  

Here are some available opportunities. 

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Vip experience

1:1 mentoring in our Studio in Downtown Houston -  $1099 per 1 day or $1499 per 2 days

2:1 mentoring in our Studio in Downtown Houston - $899 each student per 1 day or $1099 each student per 2 days

1:1 mentoring in the Student's Studio -  $2499 per 1 day or $3499 per 2 days (plus travel expenses)

8 or 16 hour class. In the VIP Experience in our studio, student accommodation is included.

Paloma Schell's mentoring is designed according to the student's needs.

The student will fill out a briefing form with all her needs and expectations and after a portfolio review we will determine what we need to work on and we will get busy together. 

To get more information about my schedule please message me at


Group Workshop


Premium Class with 5 students - $799

Classic Class with 10 students - $499

From 9 am to 5 pm, 8 hour class.

The topics covered will be: How to develop an efficient workflow, Session Planning, Props and accessories, Beanbag Positions and Transitions, Wrap sequence, Lighting and equipment, The best angles of the baby, Composition , Photographic Style.

In the morning, students will attend a full newborn session while the mentor teaches all of her techniques, providing the students with a real session experience.

In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to photograph a baby, training the angles and frames. 

The practice of angles is individual and oriented so that students make the most of it.

Schedule 2023, coming soon !




1:1 mentoring via ZOOM

1 hour class $300

3 hour class $750

5 hour class $1,000

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