Newborn Workshop by Paloma Schell

Classic Class for 10 students

Date and Location:

The workshop will be on January 15th, 2022.
The exact place in New York-NY, will be shared until January 1st - 2022.


Until January 5th we will share by email full updates regarding the organization of the course. 



The tuition for the workshop is $599.

The enrollment fee is $99 and must be paid by at the time of registration. (This amount is non-refundable)

The remaining amount of $500 tax must be paid:
- by credit card until January 5th or;
- in cash on the day of the course before it starts.



* To participate in the course, the student has to master all photography techniques and the equipment.

* DSLR camera and a clear lens

* Suggestion: 35mm or 50mm F/ 1.8


About the workshop:

The course load is 8 hours and there will be a coffee break.

This workshop is very complete, with detailed explanations.

We won’t hide anything, everything will be revealed.

We start by giving instructions on how to handle the baby; then approach photography techniques, transitions and posing, giving many tips to optimize the time of session.

Everyone will watch a live newborn session where we will show every technique taught in class.

You can rest assured that this will be the most complete workshop you have watched.


Workshop Content


·         Relaxation techniques

·         Lighting

·         The photo session

·         Poses and transitions

·         Angles

·         Wrapping techniques


The class size is 10 students.

Every student will receive a certificate at the end.

Students can use the photos taken during the course for their portfolios.

It is strictly forbidden to record or to do live transmissions of the workshop.

Every student must keep their cell phones off during the course.

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